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Poem - Weep

Thanksgiving day ought to call for a poem about thankfulness. This was my plan until I read about the continuing remarks made by Trump on the campaign trail. His formula for winning is to draw out the fears of his constituants, and these fears are focused on those “different” from themselves. A search through my unused source material revealed the poem “Weep”. It is a beginning towards how I view the humanity's struggle through the good, bad, and ugly.

Poem for Day 329 – 20151126

I weep for the world,
beauty unrealized,
unseen by the bearers
of their divine grace.
Blindness evokes fear,
seeing others as separate,
when we are the reflection,
imperfect mirror of all.

We are each an expression
perfect unto itself,
unique in radiance,
incomparable to others.
We are each an expression
of fears and dangers within,
each as terrible as the next
in the spectrum of the human lives.

Here is the crux,
the heart of the matter,
comparison blinds the eye
to the what is really there.
We are not meant to be the same,
snowflakes in the spectrum of life,
similar in nature, unique in essence,
this is the cross we bear.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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