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Poem - Other Worlds

I'm behind on some of my picture processing activities because I've been playing on my game console. What's the deal? The poem “Other Worlds” attempts to explain.

Other Worlds
Poem for Day 332 – 20151129

When other worlds deign to call,
to them I run instead of work,
I have to wonder what they offer
the outer world fails to give.

To adventure is the biggest draw,
stepping outside the normal realm.
Footsteps across other worlds
to discover what is new to me.

I could wear another face,
another body or sex perhaps,
be as beautiful as I could be
if I walked across the other worlds.

The views of different worlds,
similar to mine but more diverse,
immersion is the biggest draw
when normal living seems a bore.

The loot is can be most diverse,
electronic bits considered gold.
They're imaginary I'll admit,
but still I long to find it all.

I'll create an army to defeat
the imagined evils of many foes.
Find the soldiers for my cause
as I seek to save the world.

Lastly this is done with no pain,
a world where age has no place.
Thought I may die too many times
I'll come back and try again.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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