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Poem - Urge to Travel

Several influences came together to inspire me to write the poem “Urge to Travel”. I didn't pay attention to following an exact syllable count. Instead I just went with a creation that “sounded good”. Not uncoincidentally, this is one of the best ways to travel as well.

Urge to Travel
Poem for Day 333 – 20151130

Here's to the urge to travel,
so many ways to stray,
venture beyond the walls
that constrain the common day.
I'll give you the list,
options to follow,
choose the best one
and far you will roam!

To journey on foot,
by car or by train,
the physical is fine
for the one that must ride.
The trip is the purpose,
the destination does not matter.
Just go where you want
and the body will follow.

Books open the door
to worlds beyond pages.
Limits are removed
when authors have their way.
Be electronic or paper,
the words are the magic.
Castles or spaceships,
imagination with no limit.

I'll dream of places beyond
the waking reality of it all.
No control over destination,
the gamble is in the dice.
Perhaps I will run
from monsters seeking my flesh
or I will be bliss most blessed
in arms beyond the veil of sleep.

Music is the sublime portal
of music and voice combined.
I'll float away in the embrace
of the muses' greatest gift.
So many ways to craft the words,
tunes provide the envelope
for the symphonic tour.

Lastly I'll put on my shoes,
step out to embrace the dance.
My soul finds an etheric place
to live beyond this life.
Contra or swing are both bliss,
each with it's own saving grace.
In the end I'll drift on sultry notes
while I hold another in my arms.

So many ways to satisfy
the urge to trek far beyond,
escape the chains of a quiet life,
escape the humdrum with all joy.
Each of these will be my way,
combined to travel heart and mind.
In the end I'll be the happy one,
embarked on the voyage of the soul.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, music, poem, travel

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