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Poem - Slow Jazz Blues

I was inspired to write “Slow Jazz Blues” while listening to the “Coffee Table Jazz” station on Spotify. It was all I could do given I couldn't actually dance with a partner at the time!

Slow Jazz Blues
Poem for Day 334 – 20151201

If they play that slow jazz
the songs with the bluesy beat
we'll dance hand to hand
we'll dance cheek to cheek.
I'd be with nobody else
my dance card completed now.
The rifts provide the beat
while we slowly move our feet.

The day was too long you see
the night is here for me.
I'll spend the minutes here
dancing the slow tunes with you.
I'm not in a hurry now
my rush is done and gone.
To dance is all I'm to do
now I'll pass the time with you.

We're strollin to the 12-bar blues
blow that trumpet to give the cues.
The drum snare will set the beat
of bodies moving as one complete.
We're not alone on the floor
the tune wraps all around.
Nudging the bodies to move in sync
simple pleasures found as we link.

Some may say get a room
I'd say don't be rude.
We're just dancers in a groove
drifting with those slow jazz moves.
We may seem to press the flesh
loose ourselves in the dance's grip
cause the music asks for close embrace
while we dance to the slow jazz blues.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: blues, dance, jazz, poem

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