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Poem - Sad Man

A friend returned from a multi-month trip across the US. She traveled with whatever she could fit in her car. Upon returning, she mentioned on social media that she had too much stuff and needed to purge. This struck a nerve, in a kinda of good way, with me. I SO need to do this, but seem to unable to start. All and all I have simple(ish) needs, and while I do have expensive toys (camera equipment), I don’t use most of the cr*p that I have. The poem “Sad Man” is a reflection on this state of things.

Sad Man
Poem for Day 335 – 20151202

When I remember the scenery
set pieces of a life gone by
I reflect on the one's I've kept
when the past should be put behind.

There was joy in those times
pain as well felt in kind.
The latter tends to stick
to the objects I cannot deny.

Am I defined by the sharp specter
supported by the pain well grasped
so that I can be assured
that I will continue on?

Barricades against the world
boxes stack to make firm walls.
Soon they will topple over
with me trapped underneath.

In the end I'll carry none
when I shuttle off my mortal coil.
The curious will wonder why
this sad man had so much.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: horder, poetry, stuff

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