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Dec. 3rd, 2015 @ 09:03 pm Poem - Toxic Faith
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I was inspired to write “Toxic Faith” in response to the fear based reactions of society. I don't speak of the purity of spiritual faith. I instead reflect on the base mantras of fear and separation.

Toxic Faith
Poem for Day 336 – 20151203

Dogma is the only path
for those of toxic faith personified.
Failure would be the only gain
if alternative is firmly grasped.
I'm not speaking of religion
though it could be at play.
Instead I speak of fearful things
the ones that make my life complete.

I was sure of what I knew
waiting for it be be proven so.
Patience is my strongest crutch
doubt is life's cruelest tool.
Time will prove my inner life
rich with enemies full of lies.
Misery is my only guide
when toxic faith is the flag.

Distractions flew about my head
still I stick with party line.
I'm taunted by reason's voice
when deafness is my sole redoubt.
A meme flitted across my sight
crumb of fact in the storm of life.
No comfort in the fabric thin
yet my toxic faith is reinforced.

I'll break the ties with those outside
of a reality sparse of empathy.
Begone the temptress of verity
you have no place in my mind today.
I'll hide to spite bright light
kill the heretics of inner self.
To do otherwise would risk harm
to the comfort of toxic faith.

The kernel of dogma still resides
touchstone of a soul removed
from a larger world unconcerned
with the one that's run beyond.
The toxic faith is all that's left
when I reject the love of the world.
The fear has found a home in me
and forever my life will be complete.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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