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Poem - Interloper

Poem for Day 340 – 20151207

Interloper of body and mind
visitor from hellish realms
have mercy on this mortal one
as you take your evil joy.
Frailty is the human way
body and mind susceptible
no age is invulnerable
to the touch of devil’s wage.

As close as intimates
rude guest of a life lived
boundaries mean nothing here
when you do persevere.
If only others could thus relate
to my body and soul complete
we would be like twin flames
instead judging me as insane.

You take the memories
drag them into the dungeons
stolen from light of day
lived but then receding.
I consider you a passing fog
all consuming in immediacy
forgotten when it has passed
leaving nothing in its wake.

Absolution is incomplete
when self is so complicit
in torments first creation
or continuation of the same.
So many ways to walk the path
or remain once the journey begun.
Succubus or forced partner
the outcome may be the same.

Requestor of the medication
source prescribed and otherwise
I bend my knee in acquaintance
of the needs to ease life.
Many cannot understand this
blind adherence to remedy
even though it complicates
my life beyond the your grasp.

To continue on is the goal
a challenge great in the face
of an opponent with all the cards
held against one with no reserves.
To exit would be relief
devil’s temptation too near at hand.
Get behind me foul voice inside
I’ll fight each day as it were my last.

You are all that survives
crowds all else in sympathy
of body’s and mind’s complaints
urgent in the siren’s way.
Survival becomes the action plan
all other things must pass away
no matter the time or effort made
to accommodate the taskmaster’s ways.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.

The poem “Interloper” was inspired by a conversation I had with another dancer. I asked them questions about their career plans and they reminded me that they had told me about them at a prior dance. I could not remember and apologized. I later looked back at that dance and remembered that I was in a lot of pain (plantar fasciitis). It seemed, as if, that a portion of the night was blocked out by the pain because my friend’s story was worth remembering!
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