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Poem - Dear Authority

Trump's remarks about blocking Muslems from entering the United States were applauded by a political gathering her in my home state of South Carolina. This inspired me to write the poem “Dear Authority”.

Dear Authority
Poem for Day 341 – 20151208

Dear authority where have you gone
now that you've fled from my grasp?
Once I had the world in my hand
and now I am in fear for my life.

The faded days of yesteryear,
blessed moments of supremacy.
the lesser ones knew their place
at the end of our pointed stick.

We were in numerical majority,
if not we had the power dependable.
Now our dominion is put upon
by others with as much right to life.

Consider this my fearful friend,
our homestead position has fraility.
Influence begins at the hearth,
to be had there before we depart.

Rally the troops in quick defense
with siren calls of infirmity.
The blemish is plain to see
even if it is just fantasy.

Blood will be had, not our own,
this matters most in the war.
Hit hard the enemy first you see,
they'll not have their mastery.

Our leaders will ensure this policy
as we march to their fascist call.
Collective anger pushed to all
as we take our place in the world.

Oh dear authority revisit me,
we'll set things right eventually.
You will be mine by divine hindsight,
victory ensured even though we're down.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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