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Poem - Poetic Trickster

A number of my poems speak in the voice of some pretty reprehensible people. On the surface it appears that I support the bigoted hateful views. The reverse is true. I am instead attacking them. I thought about this dichotomy, and was inspired to write the poem “Poetic Trickster” to explain my lyrical actions.

Poetic Trickster
Poem for Day 342 – 20151209

I'll give voice to the hateful ones
speak their mind when they do not
in the blinding light of day
not in the caves of their own kind.
My prose will seem to state their case
in eloquent stanzas of heartfelt praise.
A twist of poetic license is in play
as I don the mask of those who prey.

This does not mean I support
their meanness and small mindedness.
The contrary is too true
that I seek to show their sins to you.
Perhaps you'll see a part of yourself
to err is human and rest divine.
Tend your garden where weeds do grow
as I show you the human sides.

The curtain firmly stays in place
held tight by those I play.
Circumvention is by public note
of the thoughts hidden by guilty ones.
This jester does run his mouth
as he wears the other's gowns.
The muse gives me due license
to ridicule by chameleon.

I come to bury, not to praise,
Caesars of bigotry and self interest.
I'll put them out on the stage
so honorable men can put knife in.
So this trickster takes your leave
with request for patience please.
If you see me act the fool
look to the ones that I do buffoon.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: comedy, jester, poem, poetic, trickster

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