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Poem - Come Out

There are a lot of ways to come out. Most often this refers to revealing a sexual orientation. In general terms this means honestly revealing something about yourself, something that was previously suppressed or hidden from most people.

Come Out
Poem for Day 343 – 20151210

I could come out
to the world as a whole
reveal who I am
from the closet within.
Signs sent ahead
For those who could see.
I'm ask to bear witness
to beacons like me.

The path is so busy,
walked by creeds and races.
Some I know, others not so,
together we are much more than one.
Each one must find their way
to live more honest each day.
To themselves be true in life
even if others still are rude.

Celebration may well follow
this brave revelation.
There is still a price
for salvation now found.
Would there be a eulogy
for the ones we left behind?
The past may be precious,
and still I come out.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, revelation

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