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Poem - Love of LIfe

One of the fabulous things about being networked is knowing about ALL the wonderful things I could be doing. I could nearly dance every night. I could attend concerts and house parties. I could, but time, commitments (lovely wife!), and energy hold me back. The poem “Love of Life” is about this struggle.

Love of Life
Poem for Day 345 – 20151212

I have a love that does not match
the scant resources I have at hand.
So many people in all the world
offer adventures for both heart and soul.

If there was time to do them all
I'd be more people than I was born.
Kronos why must be too harsh
to meter his charge when love is nigh.

I've put the markers on events,
selected the contracts I must commit.
There are so many close at hand,
commitments block the ways I can play.

Could I achieve all there is to do?
My vigor and drive are inadequate.
I must rest at the end of the day
instead of striving to do another thing.

The love I have is for all things,
people to see and life to be lived.
To be involved with people all
would be my wish if there was enough of me.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: committments, poem, time

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