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Poem - Grace Given

The wonderful gift of sticking with dancing is the realization of those moments when the dance becomes more than the two partners. The moment is elevated through the grace of the dancers and the magic of the moment. This inspired me to write the poem “Grace Given”.

Grace Given
Poem for Day 346 – 20151213

The say the grace of God is supreme,
the gift beholden to those who pray.
I don't disagree with this,
but I'd offer another path to blessedness.

The dance has shown me the way,
a celestial guide found in you today.
It would be too much to think,
has the divine has overlooked my sins?

The grace I find sings my heart,
my belief in mankind seems justified.
My fears are easily removed,
no evil monsters exist in our arms.

I've been lifted to a far cloud,
the earth removed from my consciousness.
Motion has become elegant,
pains released in shared suppleness.

Forgive this soul's ecstasy,
some would say this much fun is deviltry.
I lose myself in the passion,
to indulge too much is transgression.

Fly with me to a state beyond,
our nimbleness is the entry fee.
The agility of two held in space
will be witness to God’s grace given.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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