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Poem - Outside the Heart

I read an online article about the danger of assuming a person is wholly invested in a cause, or if they are, they they cannot accept another cause to some degree. This struck a cord with me. I am a pinko liberal in some ways. In other ways I side with positions traditionally aligned with my elder Caucasian maleness. I can be terribly spiritual, but my actual flavor is probably not where most people expect. All of these thoughts are contained in the poem “Outside the Heart”.

Outside the Heart
Poem for Day 347 – 20151214

Forgive me please my diehard friends,
the ones of pure colors or stripes.
I may match what you long to see
until you look closer between the seams.
I'll support a pet cause of yours,
believe in my heart is in sync,
but then you'll turn around
and find me on another path.

Perhaps the most kind words spoke
are that I am a sop at heart.
The goodliness seen is best affirmed
by the same thoughts in your heart.
Keep your gaze, don't look away,
the kindly soul known for good works
is seen such because you expect
the best from a solider of your cause.

Into the battle of your fondest dreams,
imaginations of the generals,
trumpets call the clarion call
when you wish to move the world.
Count me as the infantry,
at the risk of consequence,
I'll not be there in the gap
as partial victory takes the day.

I've not betrayed your there,
for my leanings were elsewhere.
You assumed too much it seems
when you counted me on your team.
Fret not in the aftermath,
I'll still be your friend after all.
Life is to short to be split apart
by alliances outside the heart.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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