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Poem - Lover's Bent

The poem “Lover’s Bent” was inspired by cartoon based on Twilight. Edward says “I’ve been here every night… watching you sleep”. Bella says in response “Oh Edward! This is ever so romantic!”. The bottom of the cartoon says “Stalkers. They are NOT romantic. They’re creepy. Call the Cops.”. For those who have dealt with stalkers, a warning about trigger words / concepts is advised.

Lover’s Bent
Poem for Day 348 – 20151215

Some say to be with the one
together till the end of days
is the height of romantic flight
though I think otherwise.
Song and movie both proclaim
that only fools would separate.
Words spoken in passion past
forever link two unhappy lives.

Forever more is the vow
yet I wonder if it's allowed
for conjoined limbs to separate
when ill winds blow with the hate.
To stalk is the bitter term
for those with separation anxiety.
Forgive their ardent attention given
when all they seek is eternal joining.

Social media is heaven sent
for those separate from angels here.
Monitoring hearts yet discontent
leaves doors open to happy days.
When a door does not exist
stand at the window to stare within.
The romantic hearts always know
that ever more will never end.

I'll always have you all alone
says the romantic lunatic.
If I can't than no one will
finishes their shrill hyperbole.
Beware though these vocal beau
they may believe their very words.
You'll never wish to test their mettle
for things romantic they are trouble.

Some final words before I leave
I do not mean that all love is doomed.
Relationships do long exist
outside of stalker's hunting grounds.
Just be careful of your lover's bent
their propensity to attachment sent.
One doesn’t want to prove the ill
when songs and movies pave the way.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: poem, stalker, stalking

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