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Poem - Beauty Fae

The poem “Beauty Fae” speaks to moving beyond the outward expressions of beauty. People have every right to be sensual, whatever the form takes. The rest of us are asked to be respectful, and when the occasions offers, move beyond the presentation offered.

Beauty Fae
Poem for Day 353 – 20151220

If I saw you near naked
bereft of clothes exterior
would it be illusion
a mask of you truly are?
Celebration has its place
with statement forward put
to a world perhaps not ready
for the body most elegant.

The message is indistinct
lost to the base elements
arousal by adornment
by human nature's inheritance.
The distraction is real
as human nature looks without
blinded by the surface
when the truth lies behind.

I'll appreciate the visual
sensual expression of human form
in honor of your outward
statement of body confidence.
Beneath this beauty fae
present in body's lurid form
is the dancer I'll embrace
in totality beyond skin deep.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: appreciation, beauty, poem

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