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Poem - Heaven Sent

My year of poetry is winding down. I've not yet sat back and looked at the journey, but I do know that I've met a lot of interesting people. They've met me indirectly sometimes, with acknowledgments of this still coming up in unanticipated conversations. The poem “Heaven Sent” speaks to the connections made with the world.

Heaven Sent
Poem for Day 359 – 20151226

Greetings sent to you
from the edge of the world,
the other side of existence
from where I'm seen and heard.

The dancing is quite nice,
please join me if you can
at the swing or contra
several times a week!

I'll post the lovely photographs
dependent on my subjects
to cast their beauty to the world
with my camera as their vessel.

The poetry has its place
to convey the mystic's quest
with more said between the lines
than the words portray.

Come visit me at the edge,
we'll dance after I photograph.
I'll then write some prose to show
your company was heaven sent.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: connnections, poem, world

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