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Poem - No Room

The poem “No Room” is about one of the struggles I have.

No Room
Poem for Day 360 – 20151227

I once had nothing,
and I was deprived.
I now have everything,
more than a soul desires.
Pictures of spaces vacant,
accented with pretty things.
To this I am inspired,
from this I am exiled.

The values are perceived
only in my mind.
Others see only things
that a person may leave behind.
The objects of a lifetime mock
my sense of inward peace.
Like deck chairs on a ship
doomed to hit a reef.

I move things around the room,
put them in a deeper hole,
yet they remain the haunts
I cannot seem to escape.
The corner is my reprieve
from a life's ill spent gains.
Happiness was a thing away,
now sanity finds it has no room.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: depression, poem

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