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Poem - The Disease

The chase to the Republican voter's minds and souls has become a recipe of fear. In some ways it is a contagion that the candidates want their followers to embrace.

The Disease
Poem for Day 361 – 20151228

Fear is the disease
mastered by the politician.
Populist contagion
spread by the seeking ones.
Such sentiment is too much
when life has other thoughts.
I'll chalk it up to souls
bent to the same light.

On the edge of my life
it matters not to the rest
still I wonder about the twists
that connect us at the heart.
I could be my imagination
ill equipped to receive
yet I know I'm on the outside
keep my distance not intrude.

Be well my angry friends,
dare not drink the red kool-aid.
The peddlers care only
for the outcome of their speech.
I'll pray for all our souls,
knowing that you mean well.
The rush does invigorate
when fear is the disease.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: concern, poem, politics

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