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Poem - Move Your Feet

The Poem “Move Your Feet” is about living life through music.

Move Your Feet
Poem for Day 362 – 20151229

Dub your life to simple beats,
all the ticks felt underneath.
Sync the rhythm to other souls
who follow the drummer's melody.

Remix the sorrow to be discrete,
life always has tragedies.
The rain falls on the good and the bad,
consider it background to the life we have.

Amp up the joy so all can see
the joy inherent in your step.
Turn up the volume at those times
when spirit is felt in the heart.

Dance to the soundtrack felt within,
the one that nobody else can hear.
Bitter sweet is life's gift
so taste it deep as you move your feet.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, living, poem

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