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Poem - Family

The poem “Family” is about the better relating that occurs when people act as if they are related to each other. There is no magic bullet, but the separations that exist now would be lessened.

Poem for Day 363 – 20151230

Wouldn't it be nice
to be related to all.
A member of the family
to the entire world.
Degrees of separation
smaller than hate's grasp
would bring us together
when diplomats cannot.

Ideology would separate,
we all need a cause.
To do harm is anathema
when relations are at risk.
Difficulties would exist
even with these ties.
With blood thicker than water,
they would not last.

No magic cure is near at hand
with family affinity,
it would be nice to have a try
at living as if we were one.
Tolerance becomes the key
to living universality.
With family there is a chance
to find these middle grounds.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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