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Poem - Narrative Shared

I was looking for a poem topic. The answer came in a name of a Tumblr blog, “Inconsolable Narrative”. The first line sprung to mind, and then the rest followed.

Narrative Shared
Poem for Day 364 – 20151231

I'll write you a narrative,
most of it true,
about my life as person
flawed at the core.
The crux of the matter,
the reason I utter,
is we have in common
God's earthly challenge.

I'll put it in words,
with stanzas that flow,
for the kind reader
to whom I implore.
Perhaps if I show you
a mirror of self
I'll know that I shared
something more than myself.

I'll spill the red ink,
bold in its color,
to mark this fine place
when words were our bond.
The Divine will look down,
if we are so blessed,
to read these penned words,
this narrative shared.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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