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Poem - The Year

My 2015 “Year of Poetry” is officially over on 01/01/2016. The poem “The Year” marks the ending of my year of poetry.

The Year
Poem for Day 364 – 20160101

The year was passed with poetry
a vow I made to you and me
providing prose on each day
showing me in every way.
No topic was to intimate
though the metaphors were complex.
A life was too revealed
for the past versions of myself.

Shadows lingered on the edges
inspired by a world at large.
My friends were inspiration
muses for the imperfect bard.
The exploration led so far
too close some days it seemed.
Sanity was a question
the answers were the remedy.

Joyful dance filled the void
filling my relationships.
Poetry showed my love
for the social scene.
Analogies filled my works
meanings beyond partners.
The truth was still served
by movement's blessed corridors.

Ticks on the wheel spun by words
a year has passed with poetry.
Sharing both the good and bad,
and everything in between.
Now the time has concluded
New Years has returned,
so much more to explore
perhaps we'll do this again.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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