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Poem - Struggle On

The poem “Struggle On” was inspired by meme posted by a friend and a Tumblr blog I came across. It speaks to the hidden importance of individuals in our lives. These people provide a web of support even as they struggle with the thing called life.

Struggle On

Anchor for a fragile life
reminder that I ought to stay
you are this to me my friend
when I struggle to continue on.

Refuge for this lost soul
from a world far too busy
with ideological machinations
outside of single sustenance.

Importance so underrated
in this very moment
when support is very needed
to breathe life into tired spirit.

Inspiration to continue on
your struggles are no less
support against the outer dark
as I seek to struggle on.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160102.
Tags: connections, friends, poem, struggle

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