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Poem - Face in a Crowd

I dance in Asheville too few times a year. I can be the stranger in the crowd when I do, the unknown for people who don't know me from my home dance hall. In this environment I can't take a “yes” for granted when I ask a person to dance. They don't know me! I am older than the norm, an unknown quantity. It is occasions like this that remind me of the humility that should be embraced in social dancing. It also inspired me to write the poem “Face in the Crowd”.

Face in the Crowd

A face in the crowd
you've not seen before.
What do I bring to foot
when we move to the floor?
Differences in dress or age,
gender may play a part,
standing between capable souls,
potential partners for the dance.

So little time to make the rounds,
to dance with the regulars.
Dare you deviate for me
when known quantities are at hand?
I'm not a glamorous one,
quick with an embracing dip,
only a partner with a style
capable of a heartfelt dance.

You took a chance on me
when no was a possibility
to my request for a spin
on the floor among our peers.
Thank you for dancing
with a person unknown
I was a question mark,
now we are strangers no more.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160103.
Tags: choices, dance, partners

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