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Poem - The One I Want

The poem "The One I Want" is about a person's desire to embrace unavailable beauty. The issue could be forced, but the contract issued would be held by the dark side of life. In the end the person concedes that some beauty will not be had.

The One I Want

The Fates are cruel, this is their lot,
to separate the questing soul.
One from another is their goal,
to this hearts and minds must defer.
Beauty is seen too far away
across the void of circumstance.
To see and not to hold
is the ire of questing souls.

I saw your face too few times
each glance filled my heart with joy.
Grasping hands held tight to this,
it slipped away like sand released.
Shadows fell in their due time
when all I had was memories.
The guiding light of your beauty
urged me on to commit a sin.

To be by your side would be a gift
given by high or low deity.
Would I know the source
before the bill has its due?
I could be damned for insolence
if an evil one was source.
I'd loss my soul to gain beauty,
to this end I dare not concede.

I'll not test these waters,
instead accepting my lot in life.
The void will have its prize,
beauty held out of my life.
The Fates will have their way
until our lives truly collide.
I'll pray to the righteous ones
while I live without the one I want.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160106.
Tags: desire, poem

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