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Poem - Memories

Art has a life in the moment and a legacy in the future. So much creative output is lost as more piles on. Why? Is there a purpose to the creation? The poem “Memories” speaks to this.


Best memories of the past year,
notated in the written word,
photos linger in compassion
of the script put to paper.

Spilled ink in social pools,
overwhelming the casual soul.
So much to see, much of the same,
fretful tributes laid on the way.

In time they will matter not
when future poems are issued forth.
The trail of thoughts is subject
to to Father Time's ill mercies.

The angels will remember this
as they confirm their boss' wish,
to aid a mortal in sharing time
when fate is fickle in the beyond.

Fae memories of a year now gone,
scattered leaves lay on the ground,
each embraced a treasured glimpse
of God's face beyond the veil.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160107.
Tags: art, creation, memories, poem

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