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Poem - When I Was young

The poem “When I Was Young” is about the mists of time passed, and what life is like on the other side.

When I Was Young

Where was I when I was young?
Photos prove there was a time
when young adult was the bloom
on the past Southern sprout.
Recollections portray a soul
trapped in time by consequence.
My actions have no defense
when circumstances led me there.

Walking the tightrope without a guide,
life's impressions passed me by.
So many years are just a blur,
consumed by dark thoughts held within.
Somehow I came out the other side,
still here after all the years.
The young self is no more,
now replaced by a wiser soul.

Perhaps I've discovered more
than my young protégés.
Wisdom was a spare resource
as seasons passed along the way.
I think the difference is
the patience now is in my bones.
I roll with fruit of consequence
with numbness found in a lifetime spent.

Generations have stepped forward
into the space of youthful bloom.
The wheel has turned in my sight
as children move to young adults.
My youth has moved to my heart,
there I smile at the jest
while photos echo other ones
that match the one I once was.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160108.

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