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Poem - You Stand Out

“You Stand Out” is a poem about attraction. It speaks to both the first blush and the continued fascination of one person for another.

You Stand Out

I wonder why you stand out
from the breadth of human kind.
Attraction is too small a word
to share how I feel for you.

I wish I could convey
the impact you have on me today.
I'll weave some lines to explain
why my interest is proclaimed.

Sirens call their haunting song
when I hear your lovely voice.
Nature takes my breathe away
when I see your fetching face.

Your tender touch electrifies,
in response I feel alive.
My heart does take a leap,
your company is complete.

This combination is so rare,
only angels can compare.
You are here and they are not,
your radiance is heaven sent.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160109.
Tags: attraction, feelings, poem

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