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Poem - Tightrope

The poem “Tightrope” is about the challenge of putting the artistic self out into the world. A misstep can change the attitudes of those around you. Sometimes just taking the plunge is best, but like they say, it is the landing that kills.


I'm walking the tightrope,
standing out from the crowd.
I'm here to entertain
with the risk of showing myself.

You suspend your disbelief
that I may be different.
My height seeks to protect
you from my inner self.

All the glitz as showman
walking without a net.
The fall does not kill,
the landing is the end.

I don't change with altitude,
close to the audience.
I may be off the rope,
but I am still the same.

Back in the air I climb,
a dot high in the sky.
Too far from discerning eyes
to see the traits I hide.

The further out I go
the more people will see
a mortal walking the rope
in my balancing act.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160111.
Tags: artistic expression, arts, poem

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