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Poem - Time Beyond Tears

The poem “Time Beyond My Tears” was inspired by the passing of David Bowie. He is of a generation of musicians who will be too soon leaving the fans that grew up with fruits of artistic output. A dichotomy is seen between the immortality of the artists’ music and the mortality of the human state. We are reminded to be joyful of creation and to be wary that our time is limited also.

Time Beyond My Tears

Popstar of my younger years,
Diva of the childhood frame,
why must you leave me now
in response to Kronos' call?
Your legacy is all that's left
with your mortal coil shuffled off.
Is enough for me to embrace
a thousand echoes left behind?

I was a child and you older.
Now I realize in surprise
that you were so young in compare
to the age that I've now attained.
The years rolled past as music came
from talents of voice and sound.
I took for granted your output
as you slaved for our comfort.

Now your songs take me back
to the life I once had.
The memories rise from the dark
evoked by your choral voice.
I tie your songs to my life
as I struggled through the strife.
My defeats were recorded
just as triumphs clung to your words.

Your music is forever young,
pointing back the past decades
to when I first heard the tunes
on my transistor radio.
You have passed, yet you persist
in videos locked in the years.
There you are, and so am I,
in a time beyond my tears.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160112.
Tags: famous, poem, stars

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