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Poem - My Body's Muse

I was listening to “Table Jazz” on Spotify. The most marvelous thing happened. Not only was I listening to the music, I was also imagining dancing to the tunes. It was visceral.

My Body's Muse

To my need to move in sync,
I'm called to the dance by the siren's call.
The music wraps around my soul,
I've envisioned the dance before it's begun.

Preordained in the space beyond,
the gentle sway set in sync with the time.
My feet are choreographed,
a tune played right with tempo blessed.

The music is my body's muse,
if only my body could do the same.
The toe tap and leg hop are the start,
I can feel the motion when I'm standing still.

Heart swells with love of the dance,
less than Fred Astaire, more than common man.
The more I dance, the more I learn,
my partners are phantom, only in the mind,

Body sways with a partner unseen,
dance floor is mental, my partner heaven sent.
By directing both hip and foot,
the tunes spin them outward, holding them close.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160114.
Tags: celebration, dance, poem

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