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Poem - From Your Mouth

I've always like the saying “From your mouth to God's ears”. Be careful what you say! The world does listen, and sometimes aid will not come from the places your expect.

From Your Mouth

From your mouth to God's ears,
an utterance on the wind.
Your desires have been said,
now received by angel wings.

There is another path,
wishes move through the land.
To both high and low places go
the words of longing will now flow.

Heed my warning on this day,
words carried will find their way
to agents of both good and ill
to either curse or to bless.

What God does not deign to do
others gladly bend to will
for they have motive bleak
fed by mortal's arrogance.

Once set loose there is no way
to take back what has been freed.
What will be, has been done
when words from mouth have been sprung.

Deity has heard your words,
what will come of this yearning?
A statement set to achieve,
actions desired will unweave.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160116.
Tags: choice, decisions, poem

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