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A Wonderful Dream

I had the most wonderful dream this morning. It started out like many of my dreams. I was with a group of people at gathering location. In this case it was a college. I had attended previous quarters. A previous part of the dream included my taking a test and not quite finishing it. I was at registration desk to check in and get the test back so I could complete the work. The person at the desk asked to see my ID. I looked in my wallet, looking for my driver's license. I couldn't find it. There were other picture IDs, but they would not satisfy the registrar. I shared my dilemma with my fellow students. They made me a "fake" college ID with another student's (a girl) picture on it. While this was a very sweet gesture, it did not register me for my classes or get my test back. Worried, I returned to my lodging area.

There was a surprise waiting for me back at the dorm. My belongings had been unpacked and my bed was set up. I was touched. It was evident that somebody else set up my bed as the cot was not quite where I would have put it. A student came up to me and gave me the very ID I had been looking for earlier. I asked about it, and was told, "A student found had found it on the ground. We kept it so we could set up your area for you." WOW.

From there, the dream took an interesting turn. My unpacked belongings included a lot of sewing stuff. There was fabric, patterns, supplies and so on. I don't sew or make clothes in RL. In the dream, the only explanation I could come up with was that I grabbed a bunch of boxes before leaving, and I accidentally picked up the sewing stuff. I then couldn't find my clothes. There were lots of other things in my boxes, but I couldn't find a decent outfit to wear. Apparently I had to change clothes. Just before I woke up, I remembered that my clothes were safely stored in the closet. Everything was OK with the world.

Pretty neat. The symbology is quite delightful. (big grin)
Tags: class, dream, journey

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