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Poem - Phantom

The poem “Phantom” is about the quest for absolute sanity in the face of humanity.


As close as the lilting breeze,
as far as the canyon's gulf.
The nearer I come to you
the further I've fallen in the end.

Promises made by lover's voice,
words from the holy book.
Suggestions meant to justify
the very thing now denied.

Artifacts mean to please
as the stacks pile on high.
Burden is the end result,
contrary to the bauble's shine.

Music is the central point
of dance's soothing step.
Temporary refuge bitter lost
when the notes fade away.

When the pain is left behind
through imagined exit doors
this reality rudely reappears
as companions reassert.

So I press cheek to breeze
as I stand on canyon's edge.
You'll be forever out of reach,
a phantom in a life well lived.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160123.
Tags: madness, poem, sanity

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