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Poem - Return Again

It has been far too many days since I've danced last. I attempted to put this into poetic form using a 5 syllable / 10 syllable repeating structure. The result is really quite dark, but still experienced based. It does end on a hopeful point, reflecting my looking forward to dancing again.

Return Again

Far too many days
without the touch of another one.
A barren landscape
has been the scenery down this road too long.
A journey with no end.
If only I'd not forgotten how this begun.

White is purity
of intent then embraced but never meant.
Black is faith's price
asked by the world when the chips are played.
Grey is the color
when pure joy has been bleached from this life.

Steps like metronomes
through life's scenes when all the rooms look the same.
Walls are all I see
as doors lead to destinations inward.
Hallways stretch away
to the exits always just out of reach.

The journey goes on
with more of the same repeated again.
I remember
how it was before the days were colored.
Walk always forwards
with hope that the dance will return again.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160124.
Tags: dance, depression, poem

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