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Poem - Establishment

I read an article about the nature of “the establishment”. Candidates run against this shadow group, and in time, become absorbed by the same.


Easy target of a thousand jabs
when applicants seek to rise.
It's a trap to advance,
the barbs will now seek your heart.
Outsiders have a special grace
before they embrace the tar baby.
Power sought is establishment owned,
seeker made slave to their gain.

Polarity is the outside face,
different groups to contemplate.
They merge to form the core
when the power is the score.
Dare not try to slay this beast,
its many heads may be removed
as the elders are overcome
but the body will carry on.

The fringes never stay that way
when they seek to make a change.
Conformance becomes the imperative
to consolidate the ground then gained.
Times have changed, old is new,
new is old, I'm so confused.
Outsiders come and go
as the power consumes their souls.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160126.
Tags: establishment, poem, politics

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