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Poem - Monsters Are

A friend posted a meme about knowing people by their names or by their actions. I found this to be fascinating. To me “the name” implied really knowing the character of the person, who they were deep down. Actions were on the surface, sometimes good, most often selfish (even if they are good). These thoughts spun into the poem “Monsters Are”.

Monsters Are

Monsters are all I know,
in this they are the norm.
We call each other by our names,
our sins too private to explain.

Idyllic is another world,
where the judges do implore
morality of the highest bar
set for others to explore.

These judges know us by our crimes,
sure to count every slight.
It matters not the reason why
to all the rules we must comply

Our sins are open to their eyes,
seeing all from seat on high.
If only they could really know
the private lives not disclosed.

Our names mean nothing now,
branded marks are on our flesh.
Monsters are as monsters do,
so goes the judges’ dirge.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160127.
Tags: judgement, monsters, poem

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