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Poem - Puppet

The poem “Puppet” is a reflection on the faces of people, as seen by their supporters and their foes.


A cast of characters good and bad,
same are focused in one man.
Demand his face to confirm
to the sentiment of your ire.

Remember he is shared
by the people of your hate.
They grasp him tight to their breast,
stabbing where you hug instead.

Polls have stated the real truth,
dogma of the purist thought.
Sadly this does not apply
when opponents believes he lies.

Listen to words spilling out
in a speech performed for you.
Your foes will hear chatter
bent to slander their proud side.

Turn the page, another glimpse,
are words misspoken or wisdom sent?
The same is read by all sides,
opinions differ in the spin.

A choice is made to be all things,
the options ours and not his.
Does he really have a mind
or is he puppet of mankind?

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160128.
Tags: duality, poem

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