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Poem - Blue's Patience

One of first impressions of Blues dancing is the slower pace. The poem “Blue's Patience” speaks to this dynamic and the connections reaped.

Blue's Patience

Patience is the remedy
to the ills of life today.
Slow the dash of the dance
as the groove is the pace.

Serenity in slow beats,
two hearts thrumb close in our chests.
Do not rush connections made
when these strangers come to play.

This form of dance is the balm
to life's gaps between two souls.
Melancholy lyrics flow,
made glad when two people touch.

In the space of the Blues
connection is made with the core.
Hand held low, dip the hips,
grind the bodies to the sound.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160130.
Tags: blues, dance, poem

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