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Poem - Blues Bodies

I finished my first Blues dance weekend. It was eye opening, allowing me to appreciate another form of social dancing. The poem “Blues Bodies” shares some of the vibe I've embraced.

Blues Bodies

Some people say we dance
a little to close for happenstance.
They would be so correct
as our spacing is quite exact.

We'll not dance separate,
our time here is too short.
To find another was the goal,
confirmed by proximity.

The rhythm becomes our source
for pacing only two can hear.
Pulsing is the consequence
of two bodies in the beat.

We lag as parts move separately,
with friction of bodies pressed.
We're held together by the heat
while our limbs find their place.

We'll ground together in the end,
joined in music's sweet embrace.
Our passion becomes as one
when Blues bodies close combine.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160202.
Tags: blues, dance, poem

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