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Poem - Hours Turn to Days

The challenge of enjoying dancing is... waiting until you dance again. My poem “Hours Turn to Days” is about the periods between dancing.

Hours Turn to Days

There are days when I wonder
if dance will find my steps.
An absent felt within my bones
too long without a romp.

Hours turn to days,
Days spin to the weeks,
weeks blend to the months,
and these repeat again.

The dust settles thick
when there is no play.
No sport or jest when merriment
becomes dim memory.

The ghosts are all I have
from the times of joy.
Reminders of the laughs
lost to Father Time.

I'll dance once again
when the stars align.
Until that day, in future's grasp,
the absence will linger on.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160204.
Tags: dancing, loneliness, poem

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