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Poem - Verdicts of Prejudice

The poem “Verdicts of Prejudice” began with thinking about how others see my dancing. I really enjoy dancing. I may also look like a total goof. Oh well. My thoughts then went to other areas, those aspects of life that should be allowed to progress as they will. Who you date, bed, and have relationships is a personal business. Spirituality is an intensely personal business. The poem grew in length as I considered where my desire to be myself intrudes on others, and how I manage these conflicts. Finally I ended it with a celebration of the diversity in the world. I am incapable of fully understanding others, and I don’t expect the world to understand me, but we are in this thing together, and must make the best of it!

Verdicts of Prejudice

It doesn't matter how I dance,
my experience or lack of it
when I strive to be the best
for myself and my sole partner.
It doesn’t matter who bed,
who I wed for goodness sake.
The race or sex or creed of these
matters only to me and mine.
It doesn’t matter what I believe
regarding the highest one.
My holy bond to the divine
is for my soul to evolve.
It doesn't matter how I live,
in the end we all perish.
To embrace this life is the challenge
met by mortals on earth's surface.

I will not seek cold evil
while I pursue my private course.
To be myself is not license
to run roughshod over a world.
I hold onto the golden rule,
treating others as I would like.
I treat others better than myself
to show caution for their regard.
This is not to say I will deter
from my life when all is well.
An attitude of disapprove
will be sole property of the rude.
The freedoms that I indulge
are meant to be had by all.
I'll disagree with what you do
while fighting for your right to choose.

I'll dance as if I was the fool
even while I think I'm cool.
Outward is not what counts,
my inner spirit does the strut.
I'll honor those I do embrace,
my love and lust will move me there.
Relationships are hard enough,
I'll find the ones that suit me best.
Divinity and I will be as one,
though others may not recognize
the links between a human soul
and other realms of sacred hosts.
These choices reflect back to me,
I am strong enough to bear their weight.
The karmic aspects I must reject
spring from verdicts of prejudice.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160205.
Tags: individuality, poem, self expression

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