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Poem - Let's Dance Again

Dancing becomes a magical event when dancing with a partner is effortless. The poem “Let's Dance Again” is about the connections made with these friends, and the desire to dance with them again (and again).

Let's Dance Again

If dancing were dating
I'd go steady with you.
If this encounter was spousal
my life would be all yours.
The magic has happened,
a soul mate was found.
I speak not of romance,
instead two dancers combined.

The moments flew by,
our moves were divine.
Too short was our time,
too sweet the connect.
We danced as one being,
no sign of discord
where two souls transferred
through the pathway of touch.

Parting is sweet sorrow
with partner thus found
reflecting same moves
with grace that abounds.
I'm supposed to move on,
find another to dance.
I'll honor this practice,
with regret I'll will pass.

I'm left here in awe
at the moment that's gone.
The brilliance was blinding,
the company divine.
Dancing is not dating,
though I've seen your grace.
Dating is different,
so let's dance again.

We'll not part ways
at the end of a song
when nature insisted
that we dance on.
The connection we have
effortless in form
is worthy of repeat
on the dance floor.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160211.
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