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Poem - Need for Sleep

Some people have trouble sleeping. My lovely wife is one of them. Other people sleep with few issues, but don't get enough. This is my life. The poem “Need for Sleep” explores this dynamic.

Need for Sleep

I am blessed with the need to sleep,
cursed that I have no relief
in the time spent otherwise
than resting body and spirit salve.

So many things I could do,
glorious achievements abound,
competing one against another
for my all too limited time.

Hours spent achieving bliss,
dance and music at hand,
pleasure and sanity to be had
possible every day of the week.

So many friends to associate,
of flavors I love to sample.
Just like the Placebo song,
too many of you, too many people.

The hours mount and I relent
to demands of life's desires.
Serving and being served,
time is all that's asked aside.

Sleep will come in its due,
too little taken in great gulps.
I'll crash for just one day
before taking up life's hectic beat.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160221.
Tags: activity, poem, sleep

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