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Poem - God's Creativity

The poem "God's Creativity" is a sideways look at the topic of obsession. Beauty invites unreasonable contemplations. Denying this only asks for damage due to suppressed thoughts and urges. The path forward is to honor the thought and then move it along. Another may replace it, such is the nature of predilections, but this is also the flow of God's creation. In the end the soul will be purer for the attempt to merely observe where appropriate.

God's Creativity

Obsession is the purest form of wanting something I'd adore
if it were available, feast for this mere mortal.
So pretty pretty to my eyes, so lurid are the lustful thoughts,
thankful that only God knows the depths of passion's plunge.

Divine seek to aid this one, through infatuation's urge.
Deny the compulsion of neurosis, foregoing the manic adoration.
Reality check on the aisle of life, price-check on that lusty thought,
what is the price I'd pay if life could turn out that way?

Loveliness will have its time, splendor in life's domain.
I am blessed to witness this, the extent of my accomplishments.
I'll thank the obsession for visiting, reminding me that I'm human still.
Inspiration follows these saucy thoughts, bid farewell as lines are wrought.

In their place there is a trace of the beauty I'm meant to see.
From the lust there is a love of divine's place in you and me.
Grace is the my balancing place, in between what could be beauty,
embraced by the harsh realities in the hands of God's creativity.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160222.
Tags: beauty, obsession, poem

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