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Poem - Contra Gaze

One of the magics of contradancing is looking into the eyes of another while performing a swing. I've written about this before, but an especially nice dance recently inspired me to write “Contra Gaze”.

Contra Gaze

A face watched with rapt intent, mine is shared in kind return.
Focus given to this partner, of this I have a tale to tell.
The dance brought us to this place, another week spent to celebrate
the place of dance in our lives, as blessed union now conspires.

Others danced as they could, companions with the tune expressed.
Here is the arrival of the one, finally present in my arms.
A hey for four moved us across to the other side of the line.
Time was spent on other moves, Do-si-do with a allemande.

We count the beats until the swing, sixty-four moved down to less.
Finally a gypsy was the cue, this the move that coaxes us close.
We combine into the swing, supporting each while feet circled.
This becomes our universe as all else spinned except our selves.

This face is all I sought tonight, the eyes into I longed to gaze.
Our bodies move as we looked, eyes beholding the same in each.
So close for just short seconds, an eternity is not enough.
The sequence repeated many times as the dance moved to its end.

A face departs from my view when we bid each goodbye.
My world is now complete, at least until we dance again.
The world is a better place, gulfs decreased between ourselves.
Now we've shared our souls in this world of contradance.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160228.
Tags: contra, dance, gaze

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