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Poem - Book of Llife

The poem “Book of Life” is one of my darker contributions to poetry. Due warning given!

Book of Life

A chapter is missing from my book of life,
the most important one of them all.
It is full from the half century,
though the lapse was there from the start.

The world tried to fill the gaps
through friends and family compassionate.
The missives entered did not stick,
their attempts fall too short for a book made to last.

Now the hope of future days lays obscured by the haze,
the great potentials of future times has dread in its place.
Freedom seems a memory, replaced by full compromise.
Tragedy is the soup of the day, with insanity the only way.

It could be said that hope is lost with absent words to console
the heart lost to fate if doom is the only path.
Pray that this too will pass in the ways desired by all,
by hook or crook, fair or black, the book will be closed at last.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160229.
Tags: depression, poetry

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