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Poem - Don’t Name the Monster

The poem “Don’t Name the Monster” does everything but name the monster. It is a start.

Don’t Name the Monster

It's the monster I dare to name,
companion of too many years.
Most close intimate you would say,
lovely only if hell weren’t to pay.

Others dispute the monster's tales,
bear witness to another world.
They've not walked by my side,
accompanied by this villain mine.

Whispers given to rest promised,
peaceful ends to strident paths.
These bold lies are the sweetest
candy offered by my dark self.

This thing have met other people,
walked with them on the path.
Shame fills my wounded heart
as I long for the same end.

Quarter given is quarter lost,
this enemy does not compromise
unless boon is given to decide
final resolve in the end.

Here is my greatest fear,
I dare not take up the dire challenge.
Even if finality is not the end,
the consequences will haunt my days.

I dare not name the monster,
nor bring it in for a firm embrace.
Better that we remain unwilling partners,
companions made of hell on earth.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160302.
Tags: depression, poem

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