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Poem - Cool Times Ten

Am I cooler when I dance? I don't know... but I feel cooler.

Cool Times Ten

I'm cool times ten when I dance,
they ask if I'm the same man.
I say I am, it's just the way
my spirit floats to muse.

The song will boost my inner strength,
the night is long and my shirt is wet.
I've got another in the back,
now I'm refreshed ready to dance.

Slide across the floor with steps,
might be swing, more than that,
with a bit of ballroom grace,
move to tango, back to swing.

Mere motral changed to dancing god,
that's extreme, but you get my drift.
Time has passed and now I know
how to strut my stuff on the floor.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160303.
Tags: cool, dance, fun

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