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Poem - Flowcharts

People in the managerial / engineering fields seem to love flowcharts. The poem “Flowcharts” is about the utility and liability of this tool. When I woke I had the first line of the poem in my mind.


Flowcharts hide the journey's toil
of moving from the A to Z.
Test the spirit of the soul
seeking to find their way back home.

Beginnings have their place,
a state assumed by the circumstance.
The endings are multiple,
that path is yours to choose.

Documents are the data used
to know what's what in the world.
Too bad they are dubious,
leading the seeker again astray.

Outputs are the karmic quest,
GIGO is the mantra said.
Garbage in, garbage out,
is karma's warning to dedicates.

Decision points seem black and white
when viewed at the diamond's point.
Yes or no are the choices clear,
masking all the shades of gray.

Termination is the last,
all things begin and then must end.
Varied exits will occur
based on what the subject does.

The flowchart has run its course,
did you find a way back home?
The trail led you through the maze,
here you are, should we try again?

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160305.
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